Java8: Quickstart Date and Time API

Let's have a look at the all new Date and Time API in Java 8. It is a complete replacement for the old java.util.Date and Calendar classes.

Java library to keep a local folder in sync with a Dropbox account

The Dropbox Java SDK doesn't support continuous synchronization (via Sync API) out of the box (like the Android and iPhone SDK). During my last side project I needed this feature as a Java library and I eventually open sourced the outcome (async-dbx-client) on Github.

Getting started with sbt, scala and scalatest

sbt is a simple build tool for Scala projects and seems to become the standard build tool for Scala projects.

Building a RESTful Web Application with JAX-RS and extjs

Creating a simple RESTful Web Application with JAX-RS and extjs is an easy one with NetBeans.

Exploring Streams in Scala

In this blog post I’m going to explore Streams in Scala’s Collection API. So first of all what is a Stream? A Stream is a lazy evaluated list. This means that elements in a Stream gets only evaluated when they are needed. Therefore Streams can be infinite while strict collections cannot. A Stream can also be seen as an immutable Iterator.

Parsing chunks of XML documents with JAXB

Jaxb is a great java library for mapping xml documents to Java objects and vice versa. But how can Jaxb be used to parse large xml documents?
The Unofficial JAXB Guide contains a small section which provides some useful information about this topic.

Quick Start: Scala + MongoDB

After completing the following steps you have a sbt project with some running sample code that demonstrates the usage of mongoDB from Scala.